Private Equity

Private Equity fundraising is a complex, multi-staged and time & resource consuming process often involving months of efforts, both on the client’s and the investment bank’s part. However, this is also one of the most rewarding processes of raising capital in the growth phase of a company and a partnership with the right set of private equity players can shift the company to an altogether different orbit. With a unique blend of experience of having worked with a private equity firm as well as with a corporate, we are most favorably positioned to understand the concerns and needs of both the sides. Moreover, we are well networked with a number of funds across sectors, sizes, and stages enabling us to provide the best in class advice to our clients.

Venture Capital

We provide comprehensive Venture Capital advisory solutions to the clients. We have a strong relationship with over 300 private equity and 700 venture capital funds. We have a unique experience of working on both sides of the table i.e. with a private equity fund and a mid-size company.


Our M&A solutions are ideally tailored for companies which either want to sell a stake to another firm or divest a non-core business or an asset. We also assist companies and private equity firms in finding suitable merger or acquisition opportunities in a targeted space. We are focused on both domestic and cross-border M&A transactions.